Israel Focus Group Info

Israel Focus Group Info


Trish Nicholls
09 638 7789


We meet at the Cafe, GCC 3rd Sunday each month at 2pm.

Greenlane Christian Centre

17 Marewa Rd
Greenlane 1051
New Zealand

Contact Trish Nicholls for more information.

09 638 7789


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Our Israel Focus Group has grown out of a bible-believing Prayer for Israel group at Greenlane Christian Centre, with group members now comprising both Messianic and Gentile believers who represent a diverse array of Auckland churches.

We believe that the Jewish people have a G-d-given right to live in their ancient land of Israel. This stance is in accordance with the enduring covenants made by G-d, eternal promises that continue to apply to these present times.

We believe that the modern State of Israel, reborn in 1948 after a majority vote in the United Nations (UN), is a fulfillment of G-d’s historical covenant with his Jewish people.

We are committed to praying for the peace of Jerusalem, for Israel’s security, and for the ongoing welfare of the Jewish people. A parallel goal of our Israel Focus Group is to inform and educate the local community about Israel and the Jewish people, and to explore opportunities where, together, we can make a real difference.

To this end, we are currently holding regular Israel Focus Group meetings featuring guest speakers, and networking with related groups and individuals who share our passion for G-d’s chosen people. Needless to say, we firmly oppose anti Semitism and anti Zionism and promote unity with the Jewish people throughout our communities. We reject the replacement theology (supersessionism) which illegitimately replaces Israel with the Church in scriptural interpretation.

If you are interested in G-d’s plan for the Jewish people and the Church  we would love to meet you, learn about what you are doing, and share ideas on how we can help each other.

So please… Share your thoughts and experience.

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