Shalom Haverim ( friends) .


Do you want to bless Israelis in a practical way .

SAR-EL is a volunteer organization for the Israel Defense Force ( IDF).

Civilians from around the world of all ages can go and bless Israeli soldiers .

You are met at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and taken to a non combatant base . These can be anything from Logistics, Medical Supplies,Search and Rescue training .etc . You live on a base wear the uniform, eat with the soldiers, sleep in the barracks,and experience the life of an Israeli soldier.

In the evenings we have a time to learn about Israel,it's history, the IDF and it's corps , and an opportunity to learn and practice Hebrew . It's a real fun time .

You mustn't talk about religion or politics in the army but it's a great opportunity to shine the Love and Joy of Yeshua .

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We have a New Zealand representative in Wellington .