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IFG Monthly meeting report 16 09 18

Posted by admin on September 22, 2018

Bryce spoke about the Israel 70 event at Waipuna in October – it has been well organised and many dignitaries will be present – we need to make an impact to support Israel so the more who can come the bigger the impact. Contact Trish for tickets. Bryce also spoke about the work of C4Israel and some topical issues. Mike spoke in some depth about the urgency of the hour and the need to seek the Lord to focus our efforts, especially in prayer and intercession. Faith like that of the Roman Centurion is needed, which simple faith surpassed that of the disciples when they got into trouble in a boat. Naturally enough, a time of prayer and intercession followed, followed in turn by a shared supper with good fellowship as always.


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Israel Focus Group Meeting - Sunday 19th May
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Israel Focus Group Meeting - Sunday 19th May


2pm 19 MAY 2019

The Café, Greenlane Christian Centre,

17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane


Guest Speakers



Barry is an author of many books under the auspices of Hasah Promotions

Barry has been blowing the SHOFAR for some time around

New Zealand, USA & some of the Mediterranean Countries

He and his late wife Jan were on the NZ Board of ICEJ for some years.


Nadine Crocker

Nadine has very recently returned from Israel and will tell us of some of her experiences

Serving the Jewish community in Israel

Nadine desires to lead a small team to Israel to serve where help is needed

Nadine also spent some time with our friend and February guest speaker Alison Marshall


Refreshments will be provided

Our Library will be operating



Ps 122 v 6

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem:

They shall prosper that Love Thee

Ps 121 v 4

Behold, He that Keepeth Israel

Shall neither Slumber nor Sleep





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IFG Meeting Report for Sun 19/5/19

Grant got us off to a good start with singing and praise. Trish introduced Nadine, who has been blessed with a strong leading from God in Israel and has been associated with Alison Marshall and the bulding of a replica tabernacle. Her experience and knowledge inspired by a deep drive to learn more and more were an inspiration. Barry Peperell shared his wide experience and current writing directions - the wide range of resources he has produced are a valuable source of information. Mike introduced our prayer time for Israel and related issues, then we networked as usual over afternoon tea.

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9:00 PM21:00

Israel Focus Group Meeting - Sunday 16th June 2019


2pm - The Café, Greenlane Christian Centre 17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane, Auckland


Shelley Jamieson

Shelley is married to Dave & they have 3 grown up children in their 20’s. I grew up in West Auckland but have lived in East Auckland for 35 years. Since my grandfather travelled to Israel in his 80’s I listened with intent to his stories. It was then in my early 20’s I gained a God given desire to visit The Holy Land.

We took our family in 2010 & we went back again in 2014. We are going on a tour with friends this July then I will stay on & work as a guide at THE GARDEN TOMB in JERUSALEM Until the beginning of October. My school has kindly given me Term 3 off. I am excited & nervous about the challenge TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH WILL BE REQUIRED Luke 12 v 48’

Rachel Jacob

Rachel is married to Walter & they have 1 grown up daughter, Niki Walter’s great grandfather came from Israel & settled in Chandapur, India. In 2000 Rachel, Walter & Niki settled in NZ. The Jacob family recently returned from a tour of Israel & India where they endeavoured to find out further information on Walter’s Jewish heritage. Rachel will share with us some of the family’s experiences in Israel & India.

Nadine Cocker

Will show us an interview she did with Kiwi Alison Marshal in Israel

Grant Salisbury

Grant will be available to answer questions regarding serving in the IDF as a volunteer with SAR-EL (Further information to be forwarded in separate email)

Invite family & Friends All welcome Refreshments to Follow – Thankyou to Jane. Judy will be operating our lending library.

Ps 122 v 6 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: They Shall Prosper that Love Thee

Ps 121 v 4 Behold He that Keepeth Israel Shall neither Slumber nor Sleep

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8:30 PM20:30

Christian Friends of Israel Request June 2019



The present Committee of the NZ Branch is no longer able to continue & urgently requires a new New Zealand Director & small committee.

This could be based anywhere in New Zealand

If you or friends would be able to help please contact urgently for further information


Thank you Trish Nicholls …….

Isaiah 11 v 12 “He will set up a banner for the Nations And will assemble the outcasts of Israel, And gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.”

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