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JOANNA MOSS - Prayer and Revelation Tour


Wellington Representative

of NZ Friends of Israel

Joanna is leading an Israel Prayer & Revelation Tour

Tour information is included below

If you are interested in participating in this Prayer & Revelation tour

You would need to commit quickly as Joanna needs to release accommodation

by the end of this month & cheap Cathay airfares end on 25 July

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Israel is a revelation. Believers are being called into deeper prayer and levels of understanding. In this tour we will be in Israel for the three main end-of-year moedim feasts (Fall Feasts), Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles each with huge prophetic significance. We will see, learn and pray about the main prayer themes and explore the role of NZ in the Bible and in land of Israel. There will be opportunities for outreach and times of worship and silence. Please note this tour is NOT for first time visitors to Israel. Main Christian pilgrimage sites will not be visited. The focus is on understanding Modern Israel so that we can speak about it and pray effectively. Topics covered include: Abortion, Aliyah , ANZAC 100 years on, Borders, IDF, Immigrant communities & Olim settlement, Jerusalem, Knesset, Kibbutz, Messianic Fellowships, Oslo Accords and implications and The Desert.

MON 30 Sept Morning Mtg Akld Airport Depart 14.25 Cathay Pacific
3 Hour HK Stopover Erev Trumpets

TUES 1 Oct Arrive 7am Israel - Feast of Trumpets Jaffa Hotel Gilgal Tel Aviv

WED 2 Oct Judaica Shopping Knesset East & West Jerusalem Abortion Montefiore Jerusalem

THURS 3 Oct Yad Vashem Special talk Old City Walls Chch Museum Opt evening visit Montefiore Jerusalem

FRI 4 Oct Allenby Crossing Jericho Cable Car Mountains Oslo Implic Ariel Ohalo Manor Tiberius

Shabbat 5 Oct Fellowship Absorption Centre ?? Ohalo Manor Tiberius

SUN 6 Oct Golan &/or Lebanese Border IDF Base Rosh Hanikra NZ Netanya Bnei Dan hostel Nth Tel Aviv

MON 7 Oct Diaspora Museum Ashkelon & Ashdod Fellowship Kiryat Gat Harlington Ashkelon

TUES 8 Oct Erev Yom Kippur ANZAC trail Mitze Pe Ramon Inbar Hotel Arad

WED 9 Oct Yom Kippur Fast Fellowship Inbar Hotel Arad

THURS 10 Oct Bedouin Market ANZAC Museum & WWI sites Tel Sheva Inbar Hotel Arad

THURS 11 Oct Arava Be’er Sheva Kibbutz Mashabin Negev

Shabbat 12 Oct Kibbutz Desert Experience Ruth Daniel Jaffa

SAT 13 Oct Erev Sukkot Rishon Ramla Ruth Daniel Jaffa

SUN 14 Oct Sukkot Ness Ziona Tour Depart Israel 14.40

MON/TUES 15 Oct Day in Hong Kong

WED 16 OCT 8am Arrive Auckland

THURS 17 Oct Jerusalem March 3-5pm

Cost:$6,500 (based on a Minimum of 16 people) Expressions of Interest to Organised guided tour through Olive Tree Travel – based on Breakfast and Dinner in 3-star accommodation m Kibbutzim with nice hotels in Tel Aviv,Jaffa & Jerusalem. Lunches & tipping additional. Stopovers permitted Tour Led by Joanna Moss – NZ Friends of Israel’s Wellington Representative Joanna Moss is a teacher, writer and researcher with a keen interest in prayer and intercession in addition to her Friends of Israel hosting and liaison role. She studied and worked in the US and France including leading tours. She has been to Israel seven times and is an expert on ANZAC Israel writing articles and guiding groups around the key sites. Joanna taught in the Messianic fellowship in Wellington as well as in churches and has been on outreaches in the Ukraine, Israel and Africa Final Cost to be confirmed